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We have a Winforms application that is deployed over a load balanced terminal server farm. (If it matters, Users connect to the application using a Propalms client). I am trying to figure out if there are any tools out there to do some performance testing. I am aware that tools like QTP enable us to do functional testing but we need some performance/scalabilty testing done. We already have unit tests, as well as web tests and load tests for our other web applications written with Visual Studio Team system so any solution using Team System is highly favored, but we can go for other tools too if they are up to the task.

Please let me know if you have used or are aware of such tools.

Thanks a lot.

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In your scenario, it sounds like you need to load test not just the application and db servers themselves but also the terminal server farm as well.

LoadRunner has protocol support for Citrix and RDP, and IBM Rational Performance Tester has protocol support for Citrix. I am not aware of any tools that allow you to target a load test using Propalms client, however.

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I'm not will those work for you, but if you are mentioning QTP, check HP Load Runner. Wiki description and homepage.

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