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OBeen bangin my head against the desk with this one and I have tried the answers I find on SE. Please help.

I have a function that polls an api for new data. All I want is for the function to repeat itself every 10000 ms. I thought the following would work:

//Store the suvivor object and append the map markers and some additional parameters to it
var survivorMarkers;
function dz_survivorMarkers(){
    //The survivors will be stored as an 'armaMapMarker' object 
    this.survivors = {};
    //Clear a survivor from the list because by id (eg: has not been returned in our query)
    this.clearSurvivor = function(pId){
        delete this.survivors[pId];
    //make the api request from the overwatch data api
    this.getSurvivorsRequest = function(){
        console.log('UDBG:::survivorMarkers.getSurvivors ENTERED');
        //the callback function is passed as well
    //Set survivors
    //This is the big one - here we will loop through all our existing survivors and check
    //  if they have been returned in the new reponse. If so, we will update their position on
    //  the map and add a poly line from their last position to their new one
    //We will also check if their info window is open, and will open it again for the user
    //The detail window will be checked if it is open too, and it's contents will be refreshed
    this.setSurvivors = function(pResponse) {
        console.log('UDBG:::survivorMarkers.setSurvivors ENTERED');
//          try {
            if(pResponse.errors.length > 0) {
            } else {
                //First go through all our existing survivors, and see if they are in this request too
                var newSurvivors = {};
                for(var id in pResponse.records) {
                    //console.log('UDBG:::survivorMarkers.setSurvivors looping through survivor[' + id + ']');
                    var newSurvivor = new armaMapMarker('SURVIVOR', pResponse.records[id]);

                    //check if this record is in our existing list of survivors
                    if(this.survivors != null && this.survivors[id] != null) {
                        //set our interface options if any
                        newSurvivor.detailWindowIsOpen = this.survivors[id].detailWindowIsOpen;
                        newSurvivor.infoWindowIsOpen = this.survivors[id].infoWindowIsOpen;
                        //And clear the old data
                    newSurvivors[id] = newSurvivor;
                //Now go through all our old survivors, and see if they were NOT in the response and can be removed
                for(var id in this.survivors) {
                    if(pResponse.records[id] == null) {
                this.survivors = newSurvivors;
//          } catch (e) {
//              alert(e);   
//          }

It will run once, but the second time will get an exception:

Uncaught TypeError: Object [object global] has no method 'clearSurvivor'
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I'm sorry if this is answered somewhere, I swear I've tried about 7 different answers on SO and they aren't working for me –  Jay-Nicolas Hackleman Jul 15 '13 at 7:40

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Nowhere is survivorMarkers defined, only declared. If you mean to call on the new instance, you will need to do something along the following lines. You also will want to change the setInterval to setTimeout as otherwise, you would be generating a new interval upon each API call completion, rather than generating a single new request upon the completion of a prior one. Hence we have the following.

}.bind(this), 5000);

Or perhaps:

var thiz = this;
}, 5000);

Lastly, your passed callback, this.setSurvivors is not bound to the instance and so is instead called on the global, fix this with api.getSurvivors(this.setSurvivors.bind(this)).

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Thanks for your reply, I should have mentioned that the object was instantiated somewhere else 'survivorMarkers = new dz_survivorMarkers()'. I attempted both of your suggestions and now I am getting a similar exception: 'Uncaught TypeError: Object [object global] has no method getSurvivorsRequest' –  Jay-Nicolas Hackleman Jul 15 '13 at 16:25
@Jay-NicolasHackleman Read my edit, that's where your issue with [object global] lies. –  matt3141 Jul 15 '13 at 18:14
thanks @matt3141 - The bind function is new to me. I will have to learn more about it. –  Jay-Nicolas Hackleman Jul 15 '13 at 21:06
@Jay-NicolasHackleman The idea is that when you pass this.setSurvivors the function's value is passed as a callback, but now it will be orphaned, not called on the instance, and so by binding you "bind" to it the context (this value) of the instance. –  matt3141 Jul 15 '13 at 21:46

It should be this.getSurvivorsRequest() not survivorMarkers that is the object instance you created.

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