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i'm trying to install the securefiles module https://github.com/hamishcampbell/silverstripe-securefiles on my silverstripe 3 installation.

After renaming, uploading and dev/build i get two checkboxes in security>groups>groupname>permissions named Access to Secured Files and Manage File Security Settings.

But that's all. and when i want to access the files section in silverstripe i get a server error.

Can someone tell me what i need to modify that secure files is working?

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That extension seems to be only compatible with SS2.x so for SS3 you might need to find another extension, update it for 3.x (http://doc.silverstripe.org/framework/en/trunk/changelogs/3.1.0) or try a custom approach like Silverstripe - google picks links on members only page

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