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Is there a way to define global context property in the configuration file if I don't want to set it in the code like

log4net.GlobalContext.Properties["AppName"] = "MyCoolApp";


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Log4net does not provide this functionality, but you can easily build it yourself:

  • Store some key / value pairs in a configuration file of your choice
  • Read the key value pairs on start up and assign it to the global context

The second part would be something like this:

Dictionary<string, string> pairs = ReadGlobalContextConfiguration();
foreach (var pair in pairs)
    log4net.GlobalContext.Properties[pair.Key] = pair.Value;

The first part depends on where you want to store the information. There are many options:

  • Configuration Section in App/Web.config
  • Simple Xml File
  • Simple Text File with key=value entries per line
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