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I've been using compass (sass) with grunt-contrib-compass on ruby 1.8 without any problems. My app is not a ruby app: just a folder with jade/js/scss (...grunt...) => html/js/css.

After installing and using ruby 2.0.0 with rvm, some encoding config seems to have changed since all Swedish characters å, ä, ö in any .scss file give an Invalid US-ASCII character-error when running grunt compass.

Where do I set this encoding property? In ruby install path? In compass install path? In application path?

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The SASS documentation at says:


When running on Ruby 1.9 and later, Sass is aware of the character encoding of documents. By default, Sass assumes that all stylesheets are encoded using whatever coding system your operating system defaults to. For many users this will be UTF-8, the de facto standard for the web. For some users, though, it may be a more local encoding.

If you want to use a different encoding for your stylesheet than your operating system default, you can use the @charset declaration just like in CSS. Add @charset "encoding-name"; at the beginning of the stylesheet (before any whitespace or comments) and Sass will interpret it as the given encoding. Note that whatever encoding you use, it must be convertible to Unicode.

If you are using MacOS or Linux, you can see and change your system encoding by running locale:


You could try setting your encoding that way (see man local). Or try the advice in the second paragraph: add a @charset 'utf-8'; line at the start of your SASS file.

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