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I have been working with Electronic structure mapping. I used python to write code in which I have a Polygon like shape (not exactly polygon) and I have a set of x and y coordinates. First I had to check whether those points are inside the polygon or outside. Which I was pretty much able to do. Now the problem is I want to calculate the distance between the polygon and the points which are outside the polygon. Can anyone help me with that?

Here is my code:

Note: c14list.dat is the file I am importing the set of points from and the format is (<Element name> <x-axis><y-axis>)

laves is kind of a polygon

import numpy as np

def maverick(x,y,cir):

   if (x,y) in cir: return "In Convex Hull"

   for i in range(len(cir)):
      p1 = None
      p2 = None
      if i==0:
         p1 = cir[0]
         p2 = cir[1]
         p1 = cir[i-1]
         p2 = cir[i]
      if p1[1] == p2[1] and p1[1] == y and x > min(p1[0], p2[0]) and x < max(p1[0], p2[0]):
         return "In Convex Hull"

   n = len(cir)
   inside = False

   p1x,p1y = cir[0]
   for i in range(n+1):
      p2x,p2y = cir[i % n]
      if y > min(p1y,p2y):
         if y <= max(p1y,p2y):
            if x <= max(p1x,p2x):
               if p1y != p2y:
                  xints = (y-p1y)*(p2x-p1x)/(p2y-p1y)+p1x
               if p1x == p2x or x <= xints:
                  inside = not inside
      p1x,p1y = p2x,p2y

   if inside: return "In Convex Hull"
   else: return "out of Convex Hull"

laves = [(4.667,0.22701578), (5.667,0.33127494),
(6.283,0.32687551), (11.333,0.26443006),(9.667,0.11122194),(9.333,0.1067382),(5.667,0.09125353),(5,0.1141427),(4.667,0.22701578)]

f = open('c14list.dat','r')

for i in range(69):
 lent = len(a)

for i in range(69):
 print label,'\t',x,'\t',y,'\t',maverick(x,y,laves) 
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I can't get numpy installed, so I'll talk about concepts. I guess you have two options: 1) Take an outside point, generate a list of relative vectors from that point to each point on the polygon and find the minimum magnitude. or 2) Use a centroid for the 'central' point to create a relative vector against (oles-tutorials.googlecode.com/svn-history/r57/trunk/scipy2011/…). –  dilbert Jul 15 '13 at 12:40
Thanks for the suggestion but I solved the problem by considering to nearest points of polygon and considering them as a line segment it wasn't too hard to calculate the distance between the outside point and line segment.. –  Umair Hassan Jul 23 '13 at 11:51

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