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I want to build an IOS app (both iphone and ipad) which support iCloud and dropBox; And also I need to write tests for that. How should I do that to reduce the cost of tests? And is there any sample code in any language which would do that?

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It depends what you are looking for. You can use a Continuous Integration tool like Jenkins that allow you to build and to test iOS applications. You can read this article which will give context about it. If you are looking for a cloud provider in order to reduce the costs because you don't want to buy a new infrastructure on your end, there is a provider which allow you to build/test iOS applications on the cloud. See here how you can do this.

If you just need a development environment for some time, maybe doesn't make sense to buy new infrastructure when you can rent a service for just the time you need it. You should consider what is your best choice.

You can also use Selenium as an option for your end-to-end tests.

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