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With vim, can I change the default behaviour of :cd to run :lcd without creating a new command? That just feels a bit hacky, and it seems like there'd be a global setting for this kind of thing.


  • The :cd command changes the working directory of vim.
  • The :lcd command only changes this for the current buffer.
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Hacky? It sounds less hacky than overriding the meaning of cd! ;-) – Benj Jul 15 '13 at 13:24
:lcd is for current window, not for buffer. – sakibmoon Jul 15 '13 at 17:35

Such a setting would be highly confusing for unsuspecting users, wouldn't it?! If you want to have :lcd, you have to use that command. There are plugins like cmdalias.vim - Create aliases for Vim commands that let you redefine :cd -- but only for interactive use, not in plugins (who might break with such a change, anyway).

Another option is a (rather trivial) change to the source code, and compiling your own version of Vim. But what's so bad about :lcd?!

PS: :lcd is local to the current window, not the current buffer. This matters when you :edit a different buffer in a window.

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Would set autochdir do what you want or did I completely misunderstand your question?

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