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I have a doubt with the testmode in AdMob.

I have done this to test that all is seen properly in my app,

private void setTestMode(boolean test) {

        if (test) {
            // GALAXY S3 --Elías


and in the onCreate method i use it : setTestMode(true); Now i want to upload the app to the Store. Is necessary to put the method to "false", or I can leave it in "true"? My users can have problems if I leave it in true?

Thanks for all!

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Your users will not be affected since their device ID is different than yours: 6XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX9 However if they manage to install your application on an emulator, then they will get the test Ads.

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Ok, so I going to let it in true, to avoid "false" clicks or similars to my account on admob ^^. Thanks a lot! –  Shudy Jul 15 '13 at 10:39

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