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i have noticed a number of empty method and class summary sections throughout a solution. It's rather large, hundreds of files/classes in a dozen projects. The empty summaries look something like this:


My question is: How do i form a regex expression in the Visual Studio file search to find all of the empty summaries in my solution?


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No need to get your hands dirty - just use MS StyleCop. It's free, checks (among many other things) exactly what you need and gives a detailed report about it.


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Awesome idea, thanks! i already had Style Cop installed, never thought to see if it would do "the dirty work". – Paul Sasik Nov 19 '09 at 18:33
^[ \t]*/// \<summary\>\n[ \t]*/// \</summary\>

if you type, watch the spaces. There are 4: before every \t and before every \<

If you want to allow space after the first line, the regexp becomes:

^[ \t]*/// \<summary\>[ \t]*\n[ \t]*/// \</summary\>

but msstylecop may be better, i don't know it yet ;-)

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