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I have 2 series of data

average : [timestamp, measure] range : [timestamp, min,max]

I want to use arearange + line chart as given on the example.

options.tooltip = {
        shared: true,
        //valueSuffix: '<?php echo $sonde_unite;?>'
        //crosshairs: [true, true], 
        formatter: function() {
            var text = '<b>'+ Highcharts.dateFormat('%A %e %B %Y à %H:%M:%S', this.x) +'</b>';
            text += '<br/><b> Zone: <?php echo $sonde_zone;?></b>';
            text += '<br/> <?php echo $sonde_grandeur;?>: '+ this.points[0].y +' <?php echo $sonde_unite;?>';
            console.dir (this);
            text += '<br/> Min: '+ this.points[1].point.low +' <?php echo $sonde_unite;?>';
            text += '<br/> Max: '+ this.points[1].point.high +' <?php echo $sonde_unite;?>';
            return text;

This works. However, for some wished cases, min & max are set to NULL, and I don't want to display the min/max value on tooltip. Then I've an error message "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'point' of undefined "

I can't figure out how to avoid display error message and which test I should made

thank you

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Something like if( typeof this.points[1] != "undefined" ) text += '<br/> Min: '+ this.points[1].point.low +' <?php echo $sonde_unite;?>'; ? – Eleazan Jul 15 '13 at 12:35
Please recreate your example in fiddle, because supplied has no this issue. So paste your part of data with this bug. – Sebastian Bochan Jul 15 '13 at 12:59

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