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So to output some attributes to a csv, I'm using stringbuilder which uses the commas as a natural delimiter for commas. The problem is when I add a string with commas inside in the string, it's splitting it into separate columns for me. so for ex

temp.Append("ab,cd,ef") is giving me 3 separate columns. How do I output it as a single column with the commas intact.

it's the result of a capture group

match = Regex.Match(amt, "^\"([\\d,]+),(\\d\\d\\d)\"$");

and then I did

amt = Convert.ToString(match.Groups[1].Value) + Convert.ToString(match.Groups[2].Value);

so it takes in something like 123,123,123,123 with an unknown number of commas and I want to output the exact same thing with the last commas replaced by a period. But it's still coming out as

123 123 123 123 123

in separate columns

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you could also replace commas with ; or use a different delimeter – Jonesopolis Jul 15 '13 at 12:47
Anytime I need to work with character delimited anything in .Net, I use FileHelpers, it's 1,000,000 times easier, highly recommend it! – JMK Jul 15 '13 at 12:56

You need to wrap the entry in a quote



From what you are saying you wish to convert 123,445,567,890 to 123,445,567.890 and you want to the CSV output to work:

You still need to wrap your result in quotes so you need

amt = string.Format("\"{0}.{1}\"", match.Groups[1].Value, match.Groups[2].Value);

Alternatively you could just replace the last ','

amt = new Regex(",(?=\\d{3}\"$)").Replace(x,".");

or without the regex.

char[] y = amt.ToCharArray();
y[amt.LastIndexOf(",")] = '.';
amt = string(y);
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It's nice if you could perhaps also fix the question next time, when you deciphered it :/ – sehe Jul 15 '13 at 12:48
Fields with embedded commas must be delimited with double-quote characters.
example: "Anytown, WW" (if it is one field) had to be delimited in double quotes because it had an embedded comma.

Keep a look here

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