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I got my analysis results in R (an object called obj) and save it as an .RData file obj-result.RData. Now in Shiny, at the beginning of the ui.R file, I put load("obj-results.RData") so that each time Shiny is run, this object can be loaded into R session, i.e. I expect that the obj object would be available to use in subsequent steps, such as obj@data, obj@sample, etc.

However, I find that load won't make the obj object available in current R session, so that Shiny could not find the quantities required. Is there anything I missed in loading the .RData object? Thank you so much!

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Maybe the object path is incomplete/incorrect? –  Roman Luštrik Jul 15 '13 at 13:16
@RomanLuštrik: thanks a lot ;-) –  alittleboy Jul 15 '13 at 13:41

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The answer is that, whenever an object is used in the ui.R and/or server.R, the relevant objects must be loaded in the same file. Otherwise, shiny won't know where to find the object from other files (even they're in the same directory and loaded).

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Oh wow, thanks for that! Wasn't clear from the documentation - at least I didn't find it in the otherwise excellent tutorials and articles on their site. –  maja Oct 15 at 17:38

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