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I have IBM WSRR running on one of the unix box, is there any way to mount or integrate that with WSO2 ESB for managing artifacts like WSDL, schema's, policies etc ? Please suggest those options.

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Synapse provides the extension point to have your enter link description herecustom registry implementation. In that case, you have to implement the core Registry lookup algorithm. And you can define like this in synapse configuration;

<registry xmlns=""

In the WSO2ESB, we have implemented the logic to provide registry functionality. I dont think, that you can add another registry extension there..You can totally remove the above configuration and add your part there..

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I am getting WSDL from WSRR as part of following REST call - "localhost:9445/WSRR/7.5/Content/… am trying to define WSDL based proxy or WSDL based endpoint in WSO2 ESB by giving above REST URL, but WSO2 is not accepting it, throwing Invalid address. Can you please advise ? – Madhup Srivastava Jul 18 '13 at 0:32

This can be achieved using custom based proxy and setting HTTP_METHOD

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