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I'm interfacing with a library written in C which requires I pass images as Int32 handles. How do I represent an image file in VB as an integer? Or, more specifically, how do I get a resource's handle?

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You can use the Bitmap.GetHbitmap() function to get a HBITMAP for your image (assuming you're using bitmaps). You'll have to make sure you properly clean up this value once you're done with it using DeleteObject(). For example (this is really from MSDN):

public static extern bool DeleteObject(IntPtr hObject);


using ( Bitmap bm = new Bitmap ( 10, 10 ) )
    IntPtr hBitmap = bm.GetHbitmap ();

    // Do something with hBitmap.

    DeleteObject ( hBitmap );

On the API level different types of images are represented with different handles, so if you're using an icon, you'll have to use the Handle property of the icon instead. This handle doesn't need to be freed because it's not a copy.

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