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How to filter the options of the select component (FilteringSelect or ComboBox) by the value of another cell in the same row?

I'm using GridX version 1.2 with Dojo 1.9. I have rows with 2 select widgets, where one of them should be filtered by the second. This is similar to this example:, only it happens in the same row.

I use the gridx/modules/Edit module for defining cell editor widgets. I know decorator and onCellValue functions, but the proble is, they are operating on the cell level. I was searching for the place to register callback, that would have access to the whole row after it was rendered, so I could register the listener, which would change one control after the other was modified, but I could't find anything.

Is it possible to achieve that effect with GridX without [big] modification to GridX source code? If so, how to do that?

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please refer the below URL Thanks kssrao

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Link only answers are discouraged, because if the link changes the answer is lost. Its better to post the essentials. – Stuart Siegler Mar 10 '15 at 16:00

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