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I have tried to convert a text password to hashed password by wp_hash_password() function.But the result password is not same as the password saved in wp_users table

$password = wp_hash_password($password); I have also tried it by md5($password); But generated password the not same as the password saved in wp_users table

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possible duplicate of How does wordpress password hash work? – Mgetz Jul 15 '13 at 14:13

The resuling hash is not supposed to be the same. Thats how the hashing was designed, Each stored password has a salt built in.

Wordpress uses Openwalls phpass (

This makes it much more secure if there is a leak of the database as each row has its own salt so attacks are on a per password basis rather than a per database basis increasing the time taken for brute force and dictionary attacks etc.

Wordpress provide a function wp_check_password for checking a password agaist a hash.

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