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I would like my installer to put some files into a users home path, (the path that the Windows %USERPROFILE% environment variable points to, and the path Qt's QDir::homePath() returns).

I have looked at the Inno Setup Constants page, but can't find the path I am looking for.

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You should never put files in the root of a user profile directory. –  ZippyV Jul 15 '13 at 14:23
Also, installers (that install per-machine, which is the default) should never write files in per-user folders anyway. Leave that to the application. –  Miral Jul 15 '13 at 20:57

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For user specific application data you should use the constant {userappdata} which points to the application data folder. In this location you can create a folder for your application to store user specific files in.

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Even though this doesn't directly answer the question asked here, I'm voting this up since it is true, that for user specific application data should be used folder pointed by the {userappdata} constant. –  TLama Jul 15 '13 at 20:28

Use environment variables {%USERPROFILE} or {%HOMEPATH}.

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Updates from @Andreas, suppose you have a file with contents and it needs to be set to users home directory

1) C:\Users\sun\Desktop\.appcfg_nag:

opt_in: false
timestamp: 0.0

2) InnoSetup you can do like below copy paste:

Source: "C:\Users\sun\Desktop\.appcfg_nag"; DestDir: "{%HOMEPATH}"; Flags: ignoreversion

Now, the file .appcfg_nag will be located in C:\Users\sun\.appcfg_nag

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I support the idea of being able to put files into the user profile directory. The files are not "documents" that would go into the {userdocuments} folder and they are not files to be hidden from the user that would go into {userappdata}. I don't see the logic behind the restriction that microsoft (and inno) seem to be imposing here.

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