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I've been torturing myself with this issue for a month and I'm about to give up. It is a simple program and I just can't see why is not working properly. So, what I am trying to do create is a simple application that will parse the command line and display the first argument, which is the full path to the executable. This is how my code looks like:


[EXTERN GetStdHandle]
[EXTERN GetCommandLineW]
[EXTERN WriteConsoleW]
[EXTERN ExitProcess]

[section .bss]
StdHandle resd 1
PathStart resw 1
PathEnd resw 1
WrittenChars resw 1

[section .data]
message db __utf16__("Hello everybody"), 13, 10, 0

[section .text]
global start

    call GetHandler
    call GetCommandLine
        mov eax, 0

        push -11
        call GetStdHandle
        cmp eax, 1
        push ebx
        mov ebx, 1
        jl CloseApp
        pop ebx
        mov dword[StdHandle], eax

        call GetCommandLineW ; UNICODE
        mov esi, eax
        mov bh, 0 ; here we save the argc
        mov ecx, eax ; here we save the pointer of the first arg

            cmp ax, __utf16__(' ')
            je NewArg
            jmp ContinueParsing

                inc bh
                cmp bh, 1
                jne Parse
                ; if the first arg was just read save the 
                ; start from ecx and end from esi to the BSS variables
                mov dword[PathStart], ecx
                mov dword[PathEnd], esi
                jmp ShowPath

            cmp ax, 0
            jne Parse

            mov ecx, [PathEnd]
            mov ebx, [PathStart]
            sub ecx, ebx ; text size
            shr ecx, 1 ; is UNICODE
            push dword[PathStart]
            push dword[ecx]
            call ShowText

        push ebp
        mov ebp, esp
        push 0
        push dword WrittenChars
        push dword [ebp+8]
        push dword [ebp+12]
        push dword [StdHandle]
        call WriteConsoleW
        pop ebp
        ret 8

        push ebx
        call ExitProcess
        pop ebx

Well, I might have misspelled or missed something but that is not the problem. The code is compiled and built successfully but the message that I see is only the name of the executable, not the full path that I expect. If the full path is "D:\My Projects\NASM\Demo.exe" I only see "Demo". If before calling ShowText I prepare the arguments for the message variable it works and I can see the text correctly, so I think the problem lies in getting the pointer and length of the full path correctly. Yet, when studying the running of the application with OllyDbg I can see that correct values are stored in the BSS section. This is very weird and maybe somebody with a better eye can catch the cause of it. Thanks in advance

UPDATE Today I tried to display the entire command line like this:

        call GetCommandLineW ; UNICODE
        mov esi, eax
        ; display it here
        push    dword       eax
        push    dword       128
        call    ShowText

and I still see weird characters. I know there are alternatives but I just want to know why something so easy at a first sight is not working. I mean, computers don't do things at random and without explanation.

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The full path of what? Could you give an example command line and the output you expect? – Michael Jul 15 '13 at 15:50
The command line contains the path to the executable and other arguments that the user specifies. Example: "C:\Program Files\MyApp\AppExe.exe" "arg1" "arg2". From here I want to display only the first part (the full path to the executable), which is "C:\Program Files\MyApp\AppExe.exe" – ali Jul 15 '13 at 15:54
question reedited – ali Jul 29 '13 at 18:09
The path you're testing contains a space (between My and Projects). Your parsing code doesn't handle such cases properly. – Michael Jul 29 '13 at 18:35
You probably want to look into calling CommandLineToArgvW. That does the parsing for you, correctly handling spaces in quoted arguments, escape characters, etc. – Jim Mischel Jul 29 '13 at 18:46

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jne Parse ; Otherwise, continue parsing
mov dword [PathStart], ecx ; Save the start of the path's string
mov dword [PathEnd], esi ; Save the end of the path's string
cmp ax, 0 ; If this is not the end of the command-line
jne Parse ; go back to Parse

After mov dword [PathEnd], esi you should jmp to ShowPath. Otherwise you'll end up checking if ax == 0 - which it obviously won't be since it contains a space character - and you'll end up back at Parse.

mov ecx, [PathStart] ; Save the start of the path's string in ECX
mov ebx, [PathEnd] ; Save the end of the path's string in EBX
sub ecx, ebx ; Calculate the size of the path's string in ECX

You're subtracting PathEnd from PathStart. It should be the other way around. You'll also need to divide the length by two (i.e. shr ecx,1) before calling WriteConsoleW, since the third argument to WriteConsoleW is the number of characters to write (not number of bytes).

It might also be a good idea to add a cld instruction at the beginning of GetFullPath to make sure that lodsw moves the address in the correct direction.

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weird that it still doesn't work. only "MyApp" is displayed. Wrong start, wrong length – ali Jul 15 '13 at 18:03
It works for me (I used masm32 to confirm that my suggested changes gave the desired result). – Michael Jul 15 '13 at 18:39
question reedited – ali Jul 29 '13 at 18:09

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