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I have a select list with a changing ID, whose selected item's value I am able to reference from the id of the div it resides in thusly:

var weight = parseFloat(\$(\".divInner select\").val()); 

I'm having trouble determining how to get the selected item's class. How can I grab that class?


<div class="divInner">
    <select id="*(changes)*" class="option required" >
        <option class="0" value="">-- Select --</option>
        <option class="258" value="1.3200">Nifty Thing</option>
        <option class="232" value="0.5900">Snazzy Thing</option>
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the {} above the textarea element here is for making block code. Use it for better formatting. And do not put irrelevant tags – Marcin Orlowski Jul 15 '13 at 15:00

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Use :selected option in JQuery:

$('div.divInner select option:selected').attr('class');
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Thank you for your help. This actually was the first thing I tried, and at that point nothing was working for me, leading me to try other options. My real problem was, I was trying to set a variable I'd named class with this value. Changing my variable name to sel_class allowed all to work properly. – user2187710 Jul 15 '13 at 15:26

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