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Issue: Using ggplot in R, I am creating histograms with density curves and would like to add some calculated statistics to the plot so that I can flip through them and compare later on. I would like to add mean, standard dev, ks.test(), and a few other variables to the plots, preferably up in the top right corner. I am using the annotate function to do this but how can I set the x and y position to always be in the top right corner?

Here is my code that puts the text in a fixed position, which throws off the scale of my plot.

p<-ggplot(err, aes(x=BizTempErrors))+
geom_histogram(aes(y=..density..)) +
geom_density(aes(colour="Kernal"), parse=T)+
stat_function(fun=dnorm, args=list(mean(BizTempErrors), sd(BizTempErrors)), aes(colour="Normal"))+
annotate("text",x=500,y=.0011,label="Stats to be Displayed")+

Solution: d.BTE<-density(BizTempErrors) #find max density point to get location for annotations maxPointY<-max(d.BTE$y) maxPointX<-max(BizTempErrors)

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x=Inf, y=Inf will be the top-right corner – baptiste Jul 15 '13 at 16:52
@nick If you found a solution to your problem, you can submit an answer yourself rather than edit the question. – Brian Diggs Jul 15 '13 at 17:43

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