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I have an odd issue with a form I have in MS Access. For some reason, when I hit the "enter" key within a text box, the cursor moves to a different text box. What i am looking to happen is for the cursor to simply move to another line within the same text box.

Anyone have any ideas how to correct this?

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You can use Ctrl+Enter to enter a new line into any text box.

For a specific text box, you can make the Enter insert a new line instead of moving to another control on the form by changing the text box's Enter Key Behavior property.

text box Enter Key Behavior property

That's what I think you're actually looking for, but you would need to set that property for every text box where you want it to happen ... which may be fine for your needs. I mentioned Ctrl+Enter first only because that method works for any text box without changing the default property setting.

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