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I have a model called "Project" and a class method called published? where I determined whether a project is published. I'd like to create a scope based on this class method. What is the correct syntax?

This is what my Project.rb looks like:

class Project < ActiveRecord::Base
  attr_accessible :title, :images_attributes, :ancestry, :user_id, :built, :remix

def published?
    published = false
    if remix_id.blank?
      # check if the remix has been updated
      if updated_at != created_at
        published = true
      # for non remixed projects, projects are published if the title has been updated and a picture has been uploaded
      if title.starts_with("Untitled")
        if images.count > 0
          published = true
  return published

I tried:

scope :published, where(published? => true)

scope :published, where(:published? => true)

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I wanted to avoid creating a column for my Project model, but I created one called published and just set its value based on the published? method. I then update the column accordingly and use it for the scope.

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