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On Play Framework 1.2.5 with Jpa+Hibernate as ORM, I would like to call programmatically Hibernate tool SchemaExport. I tried this code:

Ejb3Configuration cfg = getPlayEjb3Configuration();
Configuration configuration = cfg.getHibernateConfiguration();
try {
   SchemaExport se = new SchemaExport(configuration);
   se.execute(true, false, false, false);
catch(Exception e) {

Where getPlayEjb3Configuration() is a "copy" of play framework JPAPlugin.onApplicationStart().

I always obtain a 'no datasource provided' exception message. I try to preserve configuration in a static reference (modifying play framework) without difference.

How can I obtain from play framework a correct Ejb3Configuration/HibernateConfiguration? There's any alternative way to call SchemaExport?

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I found a solution on creating SchemaExport:

Connection connection = ...;
SchemaExport se = SchemaExport(configuration, connection);

And everything works.

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