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I am trying to write a batch file that will write a new line with a "MOVE" command to a second batch file. We have a master batch file with a MOVE command for every PC that uses a piece of our software so we can back the records up to a network drive (scheduled to run daily). Data on the local PC's gets deleted after 20 days and we need to create a place to hold these files permanently. Unfortunately this is the best way to keep our data backed up, I'm just trying to automate the process to make the process as easy as I can for my department. I'm trying the command below but I think it's an issue with the quotation marks. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!


    SET /p pcid=Please enter the PCID that you would like to setup for Auto-Archiving:
        IF "%pcid%"=="%%" (GOTO CONFIRMPC)
        IF "%pcid%"=="exit" (GOTO END)


    ECHO Please verify that "%pcid%" is correct...
    SET /p verify=Enter y/n...
        IF "%verify%"=="y" (GOTO SETUPAUTOARC)
        IF "%verify%"=="n" (GOTO START)
        IF "%verify%"=="%%" (GOTO VERIFYERROR)
        IF "%verify%"=="exit" (GOTO END)


    ECHO Please enter a valid (y/n) response...


    ECHO Creating directory...
    MKDIR "\\server32\e$\Backup Data\%pcid%"
    ECHO "MOVE "\\%pcid%\C$\Program Files\Application\Data\*.xml" > "\\server32\c$\scripts\masterbackup.bat
    SET /p endresp=Finished! Would you like to run another PCID? (y/n)
        IF "%endresp%"=="y" (GOTO START)
        IF "%endresp%"=="n" (GOTO END)


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ECHO "MOVE "\\%pcid%\C$\Program Files\Application\Data\*.xml" > "\\server32\c$\scripts\masterbackup.bat
---- ^ Remove this quote and add an extra waaaaay up at the very end...................................^.here

The syntax is ECHO string > file

Where quotes should be balanced and need to be placed around any (full-)filename that contains spaces (etc.)

Note also that > will write the data to a NEW file, deleting the exiting (if any). Use >> to APPEND to an existing file.

Having said that, all the command would do is put or add a line

MOVE "\\%pcid%\C$\Program Files\Application\Data\*.xml"

to the file "\\server32\c$\scripts\masterbackup.bat"

That doesn't seem to be particularly rational. Shouldn't you be MOVEing the fileset to somewhere and appending that move command to the batch?

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I just want to append that new line to the existing batch so when the it runs there will be a MOVE command for the PC just added. I need that PC to be in the existing batch file b/c that file runs daily. – Matt P Jul 15 '13 at 16:03
So use >> not >. I can't advise precisely what your move command should be. The PCID should be substituted in the line from the variable pcid, but I've no idea what your proposed destination should be. – Magoo Jul 15 '13 at 16:10
Yep, I replaced the > with >> and edited the quotation marks and that worked perfect. Thank you so much! – Matt P Jul 15 '13 at 16:12

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