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I have numerous files in a very complex directory structure, and for reasons not worth discussing I need to rename all files with the extension of ".inp" to have ".TXT" extensions. There are numerous other files with other extensions that I do not want to be touched, and I want to do it recursively down at least 5 levels.

So far I have:

for /d %%x in (*) do pushd %%x & Ren *.inp *.TXT & popd

...but this only goes down one level of directories.

Can anyone help? Thanks in advance!

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for /r startdir %%i in (*.inp) do ECHO ren "%%i" "%%~ni.txt"

should work for you. Replace startdir with your starting directoryname and when you've checked this works to your satisfaction, remove the echo before the ren to actually do the rename.

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Awesome! That's like a black magic simple and effective :) –  myforums Oct 31 at 20:09

On Windows 7, the following one-line command works for me, to rename all files, recursively, in *.js to *.txt:

FOR /R %x IN (*.js) DO ren "%x" *.txt
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