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We are taking the revenue total from an Opportunity in OBIEE and trying to break that into 12 month buckets with a 12th of the total in each bucket to indicate that the sales person will not realize all of the opportunity all at once, but will trickle in over the course of a year starting in the month of the opportunity close.

So, we have data that looks like...

"Opportunity Name","Close Date","Revenue"
"Oppty 1", 5/23/2013, 1200
"Oppty 2", 5/30/2013, 1800
"Oppty 3", 6/1/2013, 600

I need this to turn into...

"Opportunity Name","Month Bucket","Revenue"
"Oppty 1", "5/2013", 100
"Oppty 1", "6/2013", 100
"Oppty 1", "3/2014", 100
"Oppty 1", "4/2014", 100
"Oppty 2", "5/2013", 150
"Oppty 2", "6/2013", 150
"Oppty 2", "3/2014", 150
"Oppty 2", "4/2014", 150
"Oppty 3", "6/2013", 50
"Oppty 3", "7/2013", 50
"Oppty 3", "4/2014", 50
"Oppty 3", "5/2014", 50

If I can get the data to look like this, I believe I can put together a pivot table to give me what I need.

In case it matters, we are on a cloud solution, so I don't have access to the database directly or the middleware.

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Is every Opportunity always going to be allocated over 12 months? – ajw0100 Jul 16 '13 at 14:54
@ajw0100, Currently, that is the plan. But you know how plans go. – JerseyMike Jul 17 '13 at 15:31
What can you modify? Can you update the RPD? Do you have privileges for creating analyses using direct SQL / LSQL? – Victor HDC Jul 19 '13 at 18:45
@VictorHDC, I don't have any direct access to the database. I can start a report from an SQL statement, but only simple SQLs, no joins. – JerseyMike Jul 23 '13 at 17:53

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