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I would like to implement something similar to the Cell Validation showcase example, which can be found here!CwCellValidation

After looking through the code and trying to implement it, there seems to be a class/variable deffinition missing for template. which shows up in the code in 2 places

public ValidatableInputCell(String errorMessage) {
  if (template == null) {
    template = GWT.create(Template.class);
  this.errorMessage = SimpleHtmlSanitizer.sanitizeHtml(errorMessage);

SafeStyles safeColor = SafeStylesUtils.fromTrustedString("color: " + color + ";");
sb.append(template.input(pendingValue != null ? pendingValue : value, safeColor));

if (invalid) {
  sb.appendHtmlConstant(" <span style='color:red;'>");

After searching the web i found a few examples of what the template variable definition should be and came up with

interface Template extends SafeHtmlTemplates {
  @Template("<input type=\"text\" value=\"{0}\" tabindex=\"-1\" size=\"{1}\"></input>")
  SafeHtml input(String value, SafeHtml safeStyles);
private Template template;

with the above code added in there are no compiler warning howver when the code is executed i get this error

SafeStyles used in a non-CSS attribute context. Did you mean to use java.lang.String or SafeHtml instead?

Any ideas of how to fix this problem?

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The template definition you are looking for, misses the @ShowcaseSource annotation, hence you do not see it in the source tab of the validation sample.

Anyway, here is the original code. And the template is:

interface Template extends SafeHtmlTemplates {
  @Template("<input type=\"text\" value=\"{0}\" style=\"{1}\" tabindex=\"-1\"/>")
  SafeHtml input(String value, SafeStyles color);

The error you see is because you are using a SafeStyle element (referenced by {1}) as a value of the size attribute (instead of style).

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