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is it possible to send character by character via websocket or datachannel with webrtc(in future)? I am looking for the real time text communication between two or more browser and editing the text by more than one user in parallel . For example: One writes a text (character by character) and another corrects the same text at same time.

Thank you

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Well, I haven't used WebRTC data channels, but given that their API is similar to that of WebSockets I think what you need is absolutely doable, you just want to send one character at a time, or send a message containing character and its position and any other info that you need. Something in the lines of

var websocket = new WebSocket("server address");

websocket.onmessage = function(message) {
   console.log("Character sent: ", JSON.parse(message));

// somewhere in your code
   position: 42,
   character: 'a'
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It sounds easy. How will the character be set at position into textbox? Will the function websocket.send be executed after keyup? – argonist Jul 16 '13 at 7:13
You need to listen to either keyUp or input events. input is better because it fired only on real input whereas keyUp is fired on every key press (enter, arrows). If in your application users only enter text or only can delete the last character then you don't need a position at all, all you need is to have two messages types one for input and one for delete. If your users can edit text in arbitrary position then it becomes more difficult, but you can search Stackoverflow on how to get a cursor position and character position – Alexander Petrovich Jul 16 '13 at 10:35

Mozilla hacks has a great article regarding WebRTC Data channels.

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Thanks. I will try webrtc data channels and websockts. – argonist Jul 16 '13 at 7:15

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