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I've written a site that, among other things, allows a user to create an address book. I currently have all the contacts generating QR codes that are easily scanned by a cell phone to add individual contacts, but as you all know, NO ONE uses QR codes. I'd like a way to possibly, "Send contacts to phone" - and in bulk, instead of one at a time through the QR image.

I've never seen this done before, but I'd be surprised if it couldn't be done. Does anyone else have any familiarity with this?

I've written the site in PHP, and I'd like to be able to hit the major phones, iPhones and Androids... Black Berry's too I suppose, lol.

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V-Card format is a good starting point. You can nest multiple v-cards into one file. Saying that, I'd be surprised if you could do what you're trying to without writing native apps for all the phone platforms. I deal a lot with iOS contacts, and I have to go through the ABAddressBook API to insert contacts into a person's phone. I'm sure Android and Blackberry have a similar setup.

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