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After watching the Unreal Engine 4 demo, I'd love to be able to use that tech in an iPad app. I know that it's not feasible right now, as they're targeting PCs and next gen consoles, but I was wondering what has to happen in order for it to be practical on a mobile device.

Can someone knowledgable out there comment on what needs to be added to OpenGL ES to allow it to work? I assume that there also must be much more memory available to store the voxel structures, how much do you need? Is there anything else that needs to be changed?

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First thing you need is 3D textures - I think Opengl ES recently added an extension for this. Geometry shaders? I don't think it has that yet - but im sure there's a way (using traditional methods) to voxelize using the fragment shader. I use a compute shader to create and filter my mipmaps of the 3d texture. I'm sure the ability to have bindless textures will improve performance.

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