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from the command line to redirect an ouptput to another file I am aware that I can do something like this

$ echo randomText > file.md

I am also aware that, if I want to append the output to the end of the file, I can do something like this

$ echo randomText >>  file.md

Now if I cat the content of file.md I will see something like


Is there a way to format the output that is being sent to the file. Rather than appending to the end I am hoping to achieve something like this

randomText -----------------------------------  randomText
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Why not append -------------------------------------- randomText instead? –  vidit Jul 15 '13 at 19:06
notice how the last one does not have ----------------- at the end. I have some complex loop going on in my shell script that needs formatting. I just simplified the question to just a general idea of whether that was possible –  tawheed Jul 15 '13 at 19:09
printf, fmt, pr, indent, [nt]roff, tbl, and many other, along with other scripting tools (awk, perl, sed, even ed), all are capable of various types of formatting. You might need to better specify exactly what kind of thing you're trying to do... –  twalberg Jul 15 '13 at 19:38
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To do this, I used printf to format the ouput that was being sent to the file.

printf "%10s", "------------------------------------------" > file.md

To append to the same line, yuou could use printf to tab it.

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While going through loop you can try this

echo -ne "randomText" >> logfile
# some other actions
echo -ne "--------------------------------------" >> logfile
echo -ne "randomText" >> logfile

In logfile you can now find

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