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Running into an error during import for entities extended with a ko.observableArray() property, vs. being extended as a simple array [] type in the constructor.

var customerCtor = function () {
    this.extendedProp = ko.observable(true);
    //this.extendedArray = ko.observableArray(); // causes error: Cannot write a value to a ko.computed unless you specify a 'write' option. If you wish to read the current value, don't pass any parameters.
    this.extendedArray = []; // this works just fine

I created a test along-side the Breeze v1.3.6 DocCode: exportImportTests.js "stash entire cache locally and restore" as my starting point, and here is the new test:

test("w/extended Customer, stash entire cache locally and restore", 3, function () {
  var em1 = newEm();

  var store = em1.metadataStore;
  // extend Customer with observables 
  var customerCtor = function () {
    this.extendedProp = ko.observable(true);
    this.extendedArray = ko.observableArray(); // causes error: Cannot write a value to a ko.computed unless you specify a 'write' option. If you wish to read the current value, don't pass any parameters.
    //this.extendedArray = []; // but this will work just fine?

  store.registerEntityTypeCtor("Customer", customerCtor);

  var expected = testData.primeTheCache(em1);
  // grab first Customer, push value onto extendedArray prop
  var custEntity = em1.getEntities(expected.customerType)[0];
  custEntity.extendedArray().push('some-value');  // even when defined as [], Breeze re-writes field as ko.observable

  var exportData = em1.exportEntities();

  var stashName = "stash_everything";
  window.localStorage.setItem(stashName, exportData);

  var importData = window.localStorage.getItem(stashName);
  var em2 = new EntityManager(); // virginal - so register ctor on this instance
  var store2 = em2.metadataStore;
  store2.registerEntityTypeCtor("Customer", customerCtor);

  var entitiesInCache = em2.getEntities();
  var restoreCount = entitiesInCache.length;
  equal(restoreCount, expected.entityCount,
      "should have restored expected number of all entities");

  var restoredCustomer = em2.getEntities(expected.customerType)[0];
  ok(restoredCustomer.extendedProp(), 'extended property present');
  ok(restoredCustomer.extendedArray().length > 0, 'extended Array present and has data');

An em2.importEntities(importData); throws the error:

Error: Cannot write a value to a ko.computed unless you specify a 'write' option. If you wish to read the current value, don't pass any parameters.
at Error (<anonymous>)
at h [as extendedArray] (http://localhost:47595/Scripts/knockout-2.2.1.js:44:167)
at ctor.initializeEntityPrototype.proto.setProperty (http://localhost:47595/Scripts/breeze.debug.js:14634:31)
at updateTargetPropertyFromRaw (http://localhost:47595/Scripts/breeze.debug.js:13062:24)
at aspectName (http://localhost:47595/Scripts/breeze.debug.js:13025:13)
at Array.forEach (native)
at updateTargetFromRaw (http://localhost:47595/Scripts/breeze.debug.js:13023:19)
at em._inKeyFixup (http://localhost:47595/Scripts/breeze.debug.js:12601:17)
at Array.forEach (native)
at importEntityGroup (http://localhost:47595/Scripts/breeze.debug.js:12568:28)

As Breeze always rewrites constructor fields (in my case for KO), defining as [] works. But not sure why this would happen when the property is pre-defined?

Anyone run into this, or have I missed a doc note somewhere?

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We'll look at it.

Yes, Breeze assumes every property added in a constructor is supposed to be rewritten per the prevailing "model library" which, in your case, is KO. Therefore, no surprise that the array becomes a ko.observableArray.

Moreover, because such a property is presumed to be under Breeze's jurisdiction, we have to tie it into Breeze observability and serialization mechanisms which means we re-write it as a Breeze-flavored observable array. Such an array is a computed.

Evidently there is some problem with the way we're doing this for a property which is "unmapped". We'll look at that.

N.B.: I am assuming (and your code confirms) that the array property, extendedArray, is an "unmapped property" in the Breeze sense. That should be fine.

You should not mention mapped collection navigation properties in your constructor. There is no valid reason to do so that I can think of. The main reason to mention a mapped property in the constructor is (a) to give it a default value or (b) make it available to a custom (unmapped) computed property. There is no reasonable alternative default value for a collection navigation property (empty is the default) and it would be rare/avoidable to include it in a computed.

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Assumption is correct, extendedArray is showing as isUnmapped:true in a Breeze sense. Nothing about these extended properties were intended to be navigational - only for client-side specific data. I'm trying to leverage breeze export/import for client-side tombstone functions - and as such want to define in the ctor vs. via a initializer. Thank you for taking a look... – Jim Stott Jul 16 '13 at 0:05
That bit of info helps. Sounds like a potential Breeze bug. We will look – Ward Jul 16 '13 at 6:23

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