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I am facing a use case in which a programmatically created document needs to be extended with a custom menu, also programmatically.

So my first intention was to create a container-bound trigger and add it programmatically. But when I had a look at the TriggerBuilder class, I realised that it only allows to create triggers for forms and spreadsheets, but not for docs.

Is there any way to add a trigger to a document in a programmatic way or to extend the menu in Google Docs besides having to add a script manually?

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There is no current way to do this for a programmatically create a trigger against a existing document. Please log an enhancement in the issue tracker.

One workaround for now would be to make a copy of a "template" document that has the necessary scripts associated with it so that when you clone it the onOpen runs on that document and you get the necessary behavior.

Here is an example document that when you make a copy you should get a new menu. You can make a copy programmatically using the DriveApp API with the makeCopy function that is documented here

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Great, copying a template will work just perfectly, I didn't think of that... Thank you! –  dsager Jul 16 '13 at 10:23
This is a really smart workaround. Would be really nice if we could just deploy container-bound scripts to all containers (new and existing) within a user's drive. sigh –  atonyc Oct 10 '13 at 7:29

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