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At this time I added a new route in config/routes.rb this way

resources :users do
    get "newasignacion" => "users#newasignacion", :as => "newasignacion"

And the link is this way

= link_to "Asignar Tarea", user_newasignacion_path(@user),
                        :class  => 'btn btn-success btn-mini' %>

But when I access the link i get this link:


Can somebody tellme why is this problem ?

It should be like that http://localhost:3003/users/5/newasignacion.

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Whatever is assigned to @user is an class type ActiveRecord::Relation, when it should be an instance of User. For the sake of illustration, see how passing User.first to your link helper outputs a valid link:

= link_to "Asignar Tarea", user_newasignacion_path(User.first),
                        :class  => 'btn btn-success btn-mini' %>

Verify that you're correctly assigning a user to @user in whatever controller action is rendering out the view in question.

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mmm thanks man i just changed by <%= link_to "Asignar Tarea", user_newasignacion_path(user), :class => 'btn btn-success btn-mini' %> an it works :) – Andru1989 Jul 15 '13 at 19:58

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