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I want to copy a CSV file to a Postgres table. There are about 100 columns in this table, so I do not want to rewrite them if I don't have to.

I am using the \copy table from 'table.csv' delimiter ',' csv; command but without a table created I get ERROR: relation "table" does not exist. If I add a blank table I get no error, but nothing happens. I tried this command two or three times and there was no output or messages, but the table was not updated when I checked it through PGAdmin.

Is there a way to import a table with headers included like I am trying to do?

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Your table is named table ? Very confusing. Does the table exist, or do you want to create it based on the CSV? (you can't) –  wildplasser Jul 15 '13 at 19:57
well, I named it something else, but for this example lets call it table. I tried with and without it existing I also tried to do \copy table(column1, column2, ...) from 'table.csv' delimiter ',' csv; with no luck either. Ideally the table could be created through the CSV alone, and use the headers in that file. –  Peppered Lemons Jul 15 '13 at 20:11

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Here's how I created a table once upon a time. The first row had column names in it.

COPY wheat FROM 'wheat_crop_data.csv' DELIMITER ';' CSV HEADER 

It worked for me, YMMV. Good luck.

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I think the problem with this command is, that you have to be the DB superuser. \copy works as normal user, too –  Exocom Feb 8 at 13:00
COPY does not create a table or add columns to it, it adds rows to an existing table with its existing columns. Presumably the asker wants to automate the creation of the ~100 columns, and COPY does not have this functionality, as of PG 9.3 at least. –  Daniel Vérité Jul 28 at 15:00
@Exocom good catch. Since I'm never an admin or superuser for DBs on the postgres systems I use (the pgadmin makes me owner of the databases I use and gives me limited privileges/roles) I must have used `\COPY'. Cheers –  G. Cito Jul 28 at 16:11
@Daniel I understood the user's table already existed and had all the columns they needed and that they wanted to simply ADD data. –  G. Cito Jul 28 at 16:16

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