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I've got a table which uses a filtered textarea to construct a filtered table and list a count. The DOM is as follows.

 <div filter-input></div>

    <tr ng-repeat='item in filtered=(mySourceJSON | filter:filterInputService.searchText)'></tr>
    .. .. ..
    .. .. ..

With filter input being a directive:

.directive('filterInput', function () {
return {
  controller: 'FilterInputCtrl',
  templateUrl: 'views/filter_input.html',
  restrict: 'A',
  link: function(scope, el, attr){


With the following controller:

 .controller('FilterInputCtrl', function ($scope, filterInputService) {
   $scope.filterInputService = filterInputService;

And the contents of the template being:

    <input  ng-model='filterInputService.searchText'/>
      Showing {{filtered.length}} / {{gridItems.length}}

The service is a simple placeholder which sets searchText to empty string at initialization.

The behaviour I'm seeing is as follows:

When I type a character into the filter input, the table updates and hides the items that do not match the filter, however, the count of filtered items does not update until a second character is entered. What exactly is triggering this? Why does the scope not update until the second character? How can this be avoided?

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There seems to have no problem with your code. It should work normally. Take a look at this Plnker. Maybe you using more than one scope, aren't you? –  Caio Cunha Jul 15 '13 at 21:23
The plunker actually exhibits the same behaviour. If you type a single character into the search field, the count incorrectly remains at 3. Could it be something weird with keyUp vs change? EG. Through poking at my code, I believe the filter is lagging by one keypress. –  Abraham P Jul 15 '13 at 21:55
Put a console.log in your FilterInputCtrl function and see how many times it shows up in your console. More than once indicates you could have multiple scoping problems. How many times does ng-app appear in your HTML? –  itcouldevenbeaboat Jul 15 '13 at 22:17

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You're right, you've hit a bug. I was taking a look at it and it's related to a problem in the digest cycle, but it doesn't seem to be very simple to solve and unstable version already solves it (open the Plnker and change Angular version to 1.1.5 to see).

So I guess you best choice is to work around it as it probably doesn't worth the effort solving this bug for your specific necessity. Currently, you're setting filtered through ng-repeat. All you got to do is to $watch the filter and apply the filter yourself.


Change your bind to:

<tr ng-repeat='item in filtered'>

Then, in your controller, inject the $filter service and store a reference to the collection filter. $watch the filter chars and create the filtered array:

.controller('FilterInputCtrl', function ($scope, $filter, filterInputService) {
  var dfFilter = $filter('filter');

  $scope.filterInputService = filterInputService;

  $scope.$watch('filterInputService.searchText', function(value) {
    $scope.filtered = dfFilter($scope.mySourceJSON, value);

Here is a working Plnker.

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thank you. Can't wait for 1.2 –  Abraham P Jul 18 '13 at 23:12

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