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I'm not sure if for every call to current_brain.current_vocab_badge, there would be a separate call to the database.

If I have this :

  max_prog             = (current_brain.current_vocab_badge.topic.words.count * 2)
  comp_prog            = current_brain.current_vocab_badge.questions.where('style != ?', 'VisualPrereq').select{|q| q.weakness.blank? }.size
  { totes_left: remaining_prog, totes_so_far: comp_prog, cur_badge: current_brain.current_vocab_badge.name }

Would that be making 3 separate calls to the database for current_brain.current_vocab_badge where current_brain is instantiated in my application_controller as :

def current_brain

If so would it help to make an instance variable of it and then refer to that variable, or is my application_controller already achieving that?

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This would help

def current_brain
  @current_brain ||= current_user.brain
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Brilliant, thanks! –  Trip Jul 15 '13 at 20:23

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