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I am trying to hide a checkbox and assign a default value of 1 such that the submit button only shows. Here is my form. Just wondering as the proper format as I am new to rails. I think you can do this with helpers but was wondering if I can just include it in the form. Here is the form:

<% remote_form_for [@post,] do |f| %>
    	<%= f.label :vote %>
    	<%= f.check_box :vote %>
    <%= f.submit "Vote" %>
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I don't get your question. Why do you want a checkbox if it wont be shown and will always be 1? – Carlos Lima Nov 19 '09 at 20:37
So when the user clicks the submit button "Vote," you want the params hash to have {:vote => '1'} in it, but without the checkbox showing. Is that right? Or do you just want a way to tell that they clicked on the submit button? – Colin Curtin Nov 19 '09 at 20:39
You can tell I am new. I am trying to allow them to vote up. So the submit button will say "like" and when they click it delivers "1" to table. Then I display the count on the return. Does that make sense? – bgadoci Nov 19 '09 at 20:43
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You can certainly do this, but if all you want is to set a parameter without displaying a field, what you probably want instead is a hidden field:

<%= f.hidden_field :vote, :value => '1' %>

If you really do want a hidden checkbox (maybe so you can optionally display it later using javascript?), you can do it like this:

<%= f.check_box :vote, :checked => true, :style => 'visibility: hidden' %>
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You could use CSS to hide the checkbox:

<%= f.check_box_tag :vote, 1, true, :style => "display: none;" %>

But if you just want to pass a value you can just use a hidden field:

<%= f.hidden_field_tag, :vote, 1 %>
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If you just want to pass the value along, use a hidden field

<% remote_form_for [@post,] do |f| %>
  <%= f.hidden_field_tag 'vote', '1' %>
  <%= f.submit "Vote" %>
<% end %>
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