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I've installed ffmpeg using yum under Redhat, and I'm having difficulty figuring out where (what path) it installed the package to. Is there an easy way of determining this without resorting to finding it myself manually?

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I don't think this is off-topic because if you are developing software this can be sort of a common thing to install a package but not be able to find exactly where it installed to or where the libraries went. –  khaki54 May 29 '13 at 20:18
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yum uses RPM, so

rpm -ql package-name

will list the contents of the installed package

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Not in Linux at the moment, so can't double check, but I think it's:

rpm -ql ffmpeg

That should list all the files installed as part of the ffmpeg package.

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I don't know about yum, but rpm -ql will list the files in a particular .rpm file. If you can find the package file on your system you should be good to go.

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