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I'm trying to enable full text search on my mongo instance, but the collection I'm indexing is quite large. Normally, I'd open up the mongo console and type:


However, I've waited an hour and would like to run this overnight, so I'm seeking the ability to run something like a nohup command.

I am aware I can do some things like:

mongo dbname --eval "db.articles.ensureIndex({'text':'text'})"

But even rephrasing this as:

nohup mongo dbname --eval "db.articles.ensureIndex({'text':'text'})" &

This is still totally blocking my mongo usage. That is,

$ mongo
> show dbs

Times out while the other job is running in the background---completely unusable while indexing. Is there any way to run this more effectively as a background process, or limit the index command to only so many threads or something?

UPDATE Actually, it's worse than that. Running this index command seems to have my mongo blocked and hobbled entirely. Very, very big index, I assume.

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You should use the background option.

db.collection.ensureIndex({ text: 'text', background: true })

From mongodb's documentation:

Builds the index in the background so that building an index does not block other database activities.

More information here http://docs.mongodb.org/manual/reference/method/db.collection.ensureIndex/

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