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When I create a DBus interface / adaptor with qdbusxml2cpp on a Win 7/x86 system (Qt 5.1), I face the following problem: As soon as I include MyAdaptor.h (or MyInterface.h) somehow objbase.h is included (from the generated code).

A definition there #define interface __STRUCT__ seems to cause numerous compilation errors such as here:

connection.interface()->isServiceRegistered // interface !!!

Actually everywhere, where it finds "interface", not even in my code, but also in Qt code such as

QDBusInterface(const QString &service, const QString &path, const QString &interface

In my code I have tried #undef interface, which solves the compilation errors (side effects so far ignored). But this ain't no solution for external code.

Any idea what I do wrong?

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Can you include the code from the class you are trying to expose via DBus? It has probably to do with the way you have defined your class. –  Kurt Pattyn Aug 24 '13 at 12:16

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