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I apologise in advance for what surely looks like a n00b question. Here's the sequence of events:

  1. I wanted to find a way to anonymously webscrape using R so I donwloaded tor and privoxy and followed the suggestions here.
  2. Things didn't work out right and I wanted to get rid of both privoxy and tor
  3. To uninstall privoxy, I followed the instructions from the privoxy website and ran

    sudo ./uninstall.command

  4. To uninstall tor, I tried following the instructions on the tor website but couldn't for the following reasons:

    a. The applications torbrowser-usEN was somehow lying in ~/Downloads instead of /Applications/TorBrowser. I deleted it nonetheless.

    b. /Library/Torbutton does not exist on my system.

    c. ~/Library/Vidalia does not exist on my system.

Therefore, I am unsure if tor has left my system entirely. How would one check? Also, out of abundant caution, would it be possible for me to also check if privoxy has left my system?

Thanks in advance

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