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How would I, on the command-line, specify a single specfile to run when using grunt-contrib-jasmine? My jasmine section looks something like:

jasmine: {
  myapp: {
    src: [ 'src/base.js', 'src/**/*.js' ]
  options: {
    spec: [

I just want to run the tests for spec/models/file1.js.

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Somebody has done this for you with a filter approach, though it hasn't been pulled into master yet:


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Thank you for this. I've added a comment to the pull-request expressing support for merging it. –  Rob Kinyon Jul 17 '13 at 15:27
This has been merged! –  Dean Radcliffe May 20 at 16:27

Chris Wren has written a blog post on Advanced Grunt Tooling, under the section Running individual test specs, he lists an example which allows for naming the spec you would like to run from the command line.

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