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I have a Play (2.1.2) project that contains a submodule "manager".

I'd like to use the router from my submodule in a template located in the main project.

I tried theses :


Nothing worked.

For information, I followed the tutorial located in the Play documentation :

I have this project structure :

  └ controllers
  └ models
  └ views
  └ application.conf
  └ routes
  └ manager
    └ conf/manager.routes
    └ app/controllers
    └ app/models
    └ app/views     
 └ build.properties
 └ Build.scala
 └ plugins.sbt

And in the main routes :

->  /admin manager.Routes

Only things I did, was to put my routes in manager.routes without the sub package "manager" (controllers.manager) , I directly named them like in the main project (controllers), for this problem with eclipse. The same goes for the "package" name in my controllers in my subproject.

Is it possible to use the routes of a sub project in the main project ?

Thanks for your help!

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Yeah it should look like this:


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