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How can I use Apple's HLS mediafilesegmenter tool to encrypt media content using SAMPLE-AES, which is encryption of individual elementary streams contained in the '.ts' segments. Does the --stream-encrypt flag result in SAMPLE-AES ? Using the --stream-encrypt just throws the below error -

mediafilesegmenter --target-duration=10 --encrypt-iv=random --encrypt-key
file=/Users/varun/Downloads/crypt.key --stream-encrypt summit.mp4  

Jul 15 2013 16:57:39.638: Using floating point is not backward compatible  
to iOS 4.1 or earlier devices  
Jul 15 2013 16:57:39.638: Need to specify URL for stream based encryption.
Period must be 0.  
Jul 15 2013 16:57:39.638: average bit rate is  0.00 bits/sec - max file 
bit rate is  0.00 bits/sec  

However I can get the encrypted '.ts' segments when I remove the --stream-encrypt flag. This I assume is the default AES-128 encryption of the complete ts.

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AFIAK, mediafilesegmenter can't create SAMPLE-AES encrypted outputs. –  vipw Jul 16 '13 at 11:34
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