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I've a simple Sinatra application which I've developed using SQLite. The database is a simple two-column table: an ID and a string entry.

I would like to deploy this app to Heroku. What's the least painful way to convert an SQLite database to PostgreSQL, understanding that PostgreSQL is required to deploy to Heroku.

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this seems to be almost duplicate of stackoverflow.com/questions/4581727/… –  mvp Jul 16 '13 at 2:59
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For simple use cases heroku db:push will push your local sqlite database into your Heroku Postgres database.

It's worth considering then switching to using Postgres locally and then use heroku db:pull to bring the database back from Heroku to your new local postgres instance.

I'll caveat to say that whilst heroku db:pull works for SIMPLE databases once you start using more complex Postgres datatypes then you need to use something like heroku pg:transger which is Postgres > Postgres only.

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Use the taps gem, as shown in this Railscast.

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