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Hi I am using Raphael to generate a bar chart on my web and would like to attach an index to the bars following the replies in this page


In order to do this, I will need to fetch the value of bc.bars.length. However, no matter how many bars are in my bar chart, bc.bars.length always returning 1.

Here is my code:

//Create a bar chart using the values in the selected objects
r = Raphael("bar");
txtattr = { font: "12px arial" };
r.text(160, 10, "Title").attr(txtattr);

var bc = r.barchart(10, 10, 300, 220, [myData]).hover(fin, fout);
alert(bc.bars.length); //always returning 1

Anyone knows what is going wrong here? Thanks in advance.

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this might be a little late, but for anyone out there, you know, I found myself in the same situation, so let me share my answer and the things I noticed:

(I'm using graphael 0.5.1)

-I noticed that when you use and array for the bars, it returns 1, like what you have:

var bc = r.barchart(10, 10, 300, 220, [myData])
alert(bc.bars.length); //always returning 1

-BUT if you put the values directly, like:

var bc = r.barchart(10, 10, 300, 220, [100,450,340,500])
alert(bc.bars.length); //seems to return 4

-BUT ! that doesn't work if you are getting dinamic data!


//after creating the barchart, let's loop it
var i = 1;
bc.each(function() { 
  console.log("bar: "+ i);
var total_bars=i-1;
console.log('total_bars: '+total_bars)

I hope this helps other people =), this is a nice library to chart, but it's a shame it's a little buggy with each new version, like the labels and such =(

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