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I am using the facebook social plugin on a personal website in order to display activity of a user of facebook. The user has a facebook "page" for which I can get an ID. I pass that ID as a parameter into the connect.php (a php file from facebook for social plugins) and the activity feed for the website works normally. Now when I extract the ID from a facebook user account that contains public info and use that in connect.php, the activity feed for the website shows nothing from facebook. Is there a way I can display the feed of a public user account in a social plugin box?

This is the facebook profile I want to use to have its feeds update on the personal website:


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I'm not sure at all but I think you must convert your user account to a Page. facebook.com/help/www/116067818477568 –  Jesús García González Sep 10 '13 at 9:14
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