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I have following service..

public interface Persistence {

  public Response getItems(@PathParam("pid") String projectId);

  public Response addItems(String payload);

  public Response getItem(@PathParam("itemId") String itemId);

  public Response updateItem(@PathParam("itemId") String itemId,String payload);

  public Response deleteItem(@PathParam("itemId") String itemId);


I deploy this service on tomcat and everything is fine. Service gets deployed without any errors. After that when i try to test it only POST works and every other resource results in a 404 not found error. I am using REST Console to test the service. Also when i do


I only see the POST endpoint listed and none of the GET, PUT or DELETE resources show in the list. What am i missing?

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From what I see, everything is fine. Can you show the URLs of your GET/PUT/DELETE tests? – Marcos Zolnowski Jul 16 '13 at 4:20
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This service is declared as an interface.

Where is the class implementing this interface?

There are some rules about "annotation inheritance" when using JAX-RS.

JAX-RS 1.1 - 3.6 Annotation Inheritance:

JAX-RS annotations MAY be used on the methods and method parameters of a super-class or an implemented interface. Such annotations are inherited by a corresponding sub-class or implementation class method provided that method and its parameters do not have any JAX-RS annotations of its own. Annotations on a super-class take precedence over those on an implemented interface. If a subclass or implementation method has any JAX-RS annotations then all of the annotations on the super class or interface method are ignored.

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gotcha.. i had redundant @PathParam annotations in the implementation class. solved. :) – user1151292 Jul 17 '13 at 2:45
Sometimes people mess with the config files (like web.xml). They reassign the web service path, then nothing works right. I am glad this was not your case (I hate to be downvoted). – Marcos Zolnowski Jul 17 '13 at 3:04

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